On Friday 21 October, Tang Base Members, Wayne Fernandez, Joel Grainger, Edd Gaurich, John Ranes, Bill Ogburn, Gerry Pollack and Bob Sommer attended 7 NJROTC Classes at Gaither High School, Tampa, FL. The SubVets talked of their experiences, career paths and provided motivational comments on the future of the cadets in attendance. Wayne Fernandez spoke of the Navy’s ROTC College Programs, providing specific details and information on the program, to incentivize the cadets for their future prospects. Edd Gaurich brought the Tang Base Model Submarine over to the school and spoke with three of the classes about diesel submarines. As time was critical for each of the classes, we had to make the most within the allotted class time. We were honored to attend the classes and speak with the cadets and hopefully gave them food for thought regarding their futures. 

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