Tang Base History

       Chartered in 1995, Tang Base was chartered with United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. (USSVI), with Doyle “Doc” Rowell as its first Base Commander. Tang Base is named after the World War II Submarine USS Tang (SS-306) which was lost in WWII, sunk by one of its own torpedoes. Our model submarine is a replica of the USS Tang SS-306 and is used in parades, picnics, our Annual Submarine Veterans Memorial Service and in sessions with Sea Cadets and NJROTC Students.

       Also known as USSVI, this premier not-for-profit veteran’s organization was formed in 1964 to perpetuate the memory of those submariners who lost their lives while serving in submarines. This organization continues today to maintain our country’s rich submarine history, as well as to strengthen public awareness regarding the vital roles played by both submarines and sub sailors, both in years past and today.

      The strength and backbone of USSVI is its Base structure. Our Base, one of approximately 168 USSVI Bases organized throughout the country, meets monthly for our mutual benefit and camaraderie. Our Base membership welcomes active-duty submariners and veterans, their families and all submarine enthusiasts.

     Membership is open to submarine veterans, active-duty submariners, spouses, friends and fans of submarines. There are more than 12,230 members who participate in USSVI through local Bases, Internet Bases, or as Members-at-Large.

     Tang Base participates in several local parades, with our Model Submarine, banner, Sea Cadet Color Guard and members walking. We participate in the Eagle Scout Honor Court program, work with local Sea Cadets; support the local American Legion Post financially and by participating in several of their events; active in the Kaps 4Kids programs at several local Children’s Hospitals and participate in area USSVI Base Memorials. Tang Base hosts an Annual Submarine Veterans Memorial Service in April of every year. Tang Base will continue to seek other opportunities to participate in community events.

     Submarine Sailors serve their country in a unique way. Due to the high-risk nature of the job, Submarine Service is a fully-volunteer branch of the U. S. Navy. Submarine sailors represent fewer than 2% of the entire U. S. Navy’s personnel. Living in close quarters over many days and months in a readiness environment, submarine sailors seek out and enjoy mutual friendships with others who understood their service. Many USSVI members also belong to other local Veteran organizations, but USSVI holds a special lure to those of us who lived beneath the sea. Tang Base Chaplain is a fully ordained minister and is available for assisting you in your spiritual needs.

    Tang Base normally meets on the third Saturday of each month at American Legion Post 104 in Pinellas Park, FL. Our meetings start at 11 AM, with social time until 11:30 AM, with lunch from 11:30 AM to 12 Noon. The business meeting will start at 12 Noon and run normally for about an hour and a half. Exceptions to this are in April – our Annual Submarine Veterans Memorial Service at Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park; May is our first picnic of the year and held at Constitution Park in Redington Shores; October is our second picnic of the year, again at Constitution Park in Redington Shores and our Annual Christmas Luncheon is on the first Saturday of December and is held at the Sea Breeze Island Grill and Raw Bar in Redington Shores. Again, all meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of the month, except for the Christmas Luncheon in December. There are occasions when we have to change scheduled events dues to conflicts with the AL Post or other organizations. We will keep everyone up to date on changes.

   For more information visit our Tang Base website: www.tangbasetampabay.com and our Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/tang.base.1 are sources of information regarding Tang Base and to be kept up to date on our events and unscheduled changes. Also, you can always contact me, your Base Commander at:  e-mail [email protected] or telephone 941-780-1136 Text capable.

We are here to help you become a vital member of Tang Base and to answer your questions.

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