Tang Base Tampa Bay Inductees 

The HOLLAND CLUB is named after John P. Holland, designer of the first US Navy Submarine.  It is an exclusive group within the US Submarine Veterans Organization, where the core requirement for eligibility is the designation “Qualified in Submarines” for a minimum of fifty years. Today we recognize these Sub Vets for all of their contributions to and support of the Submarine Force, and to say to them “Well Done, Shipmate!  Thank you for your splendid and devoted service.” These men are justifiably proud of their accomplishments. They represent the living historical memory of our rich submarine heritage. 

When we meet a HOLLAND CLUB member, we are in the presence of the institutional memory of the U. S. Submarine Force. They, along with all their ‘brothers of the dolphin’, are the historical connection and inspiration for the Submariner of the future.There are no ex-submariners.  Submarine qualification passes a man into a mystic brotherhood of undersea warriors, and it marks him forever as one of a special breed.  Although they no longer sail beneath the seas, they still wear their ‘dolphins’ with honor and pride. These Shipmates and those who have gone before served our Nation extremely well. They have justly earned the honor and respect we show them today. 

WE, indeed, are honored by THEIR presence, and we look forward to the day when we too may qualify for membership in their special group.

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**List updated 05 February 2024

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